Frequently Asked

Our most frequently asked questions can be found here. If you don’t find your answer here you can always get in touch.


What is the goal of

The goal of e-girl reviews is to provide a place where egirls can find a supportive community and guides, and on the other hand to provide a platform for potential e-girl clients to find their perfect e-girl. Read more about this on the About page.

I am an e-girl and wanted to be reviewed, how does this work?

You can apply to be reviewed here. Once you have applied you will always receive a reply. If accepted, you will be brought in touch with one of our curated reviewers.

How can I become a reviewer?

We accept applications for reviewers. We also have some strong guidelines when it comes to reviewing. Make sure to read those. Still want to become one? Fill in your application here.

I see a review about me that I would like to be removed

If there’s a review that you feel infringes on your rights or you as a person you can submit a request for removal here. We will get with you in touch as soon as possible to verify that you are the person who has requested this.

Where do you base your reviews on?

We have guidelines that we base our reviews one. Some of these are a bit fluid and we trust our curated reviewers to apply these properly. If you find one breaching the rules you can report and get in touch here.

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