The Only E-girl Starter pack that you’ll ever need

June 21, 2020

Here is all you need to know about how to look like an e-girl! If you’re wondering what an e-girl is, I recommend you look at our other guides: What are E-girls Or How to become one.

In this guide you will read what you’ll need to look like an e-girl and you will read everything about the typical E-girl starter pack.

The 3 core principles of the E-girl starter pack

In this guide you will read the 3 core principles to the E-girl starter pack. Briefly described these are:

  • Looks
  • Hair
  • Clothes

1) The looks of an e-girl

E-girl Starter pack makeup

When scrolling through the “E-girl” tag on Tik-Tok, the true home of the e-girls, I noticed four (4) big trends:

1. A ton of face stamps/ decoration,
2. Crazy good eyeliner,
3. Soooo much color, and
4. Perfect skin! When looking at face stamps and decoration, the most common one I found was either fake freckles or a black painted in heart below one or both of the eyes.

There are a ton of options you can go for, from getting some inspiration from Harley Quinn to drawing a ton of freckles on your face, to bedazzling your face with fake diamonds! All of these fit into the egirl domain, along with the next category, crazy eyeliner, and crazy eye makeup! No matter what type of e-girl you are, it’s always important to focus on the eye makeup. Eyeliner is essential to any self-respecting e-girl, as a cat-eye is a staple of the e-girl look, so you’ll get good at it quickly, but don’t be afraid to change it up!

The rest of the eye makeup is just as important but can change from look to look, such as fake eyelashes with tons of mascara or defining those brows. And, make your eyelids pop with color, along with the rest of your face as well! Have a ton of fun with blush and eyeshadow, putting it in places you wouldn’t normally expect! And, don’t leave out your lips!

Go wild with color, maybe putting a few colors together to make it look amazing against your skin. And, with all the beauty products, make sure to take care of your skin as well, putting on a protective layer and sunscreen before putting all the makeup on. You can also use makeup to accentuate or hide your features as well, like giving you hella sharp cheekbones, or make your nose look different! But, make sure you like what look you’re rocking before getting completely invested!

2. Doing your hair the right way

E-girl Starter pack Hair

Scrolling through Tik-Tok, I also found a few hair trends that my aspiring e-girls could try! A staple of the e-girl is dyed hair, usually either red or platinum blonde bangs with the rest being brown or black. But, you can go whatever color combination you like, but most e-girls have their bangs or the front part of their hair dyed one color, and the rest dyed another!

This isn’t a requirement for the e-girl, as hairstyles can portray a lot of information as well. In terms of hairstyles, if you have straighter hair, you can easily separate it down the middle, and complete the look like that, or you could put your hair up into a pair of twin buns, or have a pair of pigtails with hair loose underneath. If you have kinkier hair, you can let it fly, or pull it into two high buns on your head! If you want to try your own hairstyles, e-girls usually have a wispy hairstyle, with some sort of parting down the middle.

Just apply these guidelines to your own hair type, and have fun with it! In terms of hair accessories, it’s common to use big barrettes on the bangs and front half of the hair, and then scrunchies and other sorts of hair ties to keep it back!

3. Clothes

E-girl Starter pack Clothes

In terms of clothing trends, e-girls take a lot of inspiration from the punk movement of the 90s, and the pop style of the 2000s. Layering, wearing a pretty grunge style, and so many accent pieces are the staple of e-girl clothing. In terms of must-have clothes, you need the basic black and white striped turtleneck shirt (Amazon), an assortment of anime/band/grungy t-shirts (Hot Topic), black mom jeans (PacSun), and clunky black shoes (Dr. Martens: Boots, Shoes & Accessories). But, those are only the basics of the e-girl outfit.

You could get inspiration from Guy Fieri with flamed T-shirts, button-ups, pants, and skirts, or you could layer different black pieces you have in your closet. Or, instead of having a striped shirt underneath a tank top, you could wear a mesh or fishnet long-sleeved shirt, and swap out mom jeans for a black skater skirt (E-girl Factory). If you are looking to make an e-girl outfit from your existing wardrobe, there are a few things to keep in mind: layers, proportions, and color schemes.

The e-girl style has a ton of layers, so try to have some type of layering throughout the outfit, whether it be fishnet leggings under ripped jeans or an oversized flannel over a tiny tank top. Proportions are really important to the e-girl aesthetic, with pairing certain items together to make a different illusion of your body, to show just the right amount of skin, or to show a certain style, like by using a pleated skirt and a pair of thigh highs. And, a coherent color palette is important for giving out the e-girl look. This is usually a darker color scheme, with pops of red, neon green, and other bright colors, giving a rocker or emo look.

The e-girl clothing style has a grunge-inspired style mixed with soft 90s aesthetics, with the addition of modern culture. And, when looking for accessories, look for any chain or leather jewelry, purses, and anything else you use. If you are feeling extra crafty, you could also go to a hardware store, and get some chains you like, and make jewelry out of that!

In conclusion

There’s many types of E-girls and all dress and behave differently. In this guide you’ve read some basic tips on how to dress and look like an e-girl. Keep in mind that these are just some starter tips and that over time you can develop your own (more sophisticated) look and style. I hope you have enjoyed the guide and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more or want some tips!