Mori Calliope is a popular VTuber with a beautiful model who debuted September 2020. She’s appreciated for her niche musical interests, as well as her laid-back communication, and accessibility to viewers. Please enjoy this wholesome review.


Mori Calliope’s appearance is created by Yukisame, feel free to check out his Twitter. VTubers tend to affectionately refer to their creators as their parents, in this case she’s known as Calliope’s “Mama!” She gave the “Rapping Reaper” what’s widely accepted as one of the best VTuber models known.

Calliope has long, straight pink hair which has been programmed to flow as she tilts her head. She’s tall, taller than most of the other Hololive girls that she works with. Living in the Underworld doesn’t get her much sun, leaving her with pale skin and blood red eyes, the latter of which is fitting as an inhuman creature.


Her entire outfit also leaves something for everyone. For those that adore a Princess, the official art often features a gauzy white veil streaming from her tiara.

For those who enjoy an element of danger, on her shoulders sits a cloak, the collar of which is adorned with large fangs from some unknown creature. To add to the Underworld feel, as well as the lore about her age, the edges of this cloak are tattered.

Her dress coupled with the veil almost appears like a nun’s habit, giving her a religious air that’s fitting for someone who works closely with the dead. But it’s enhanced, and distanced from this ideal, with a high slit. The buttons and ribbing of the dress are loosely reminiscent of a military style, allowing for her to look attractive and businesslike in one go. Lastly, her weapon. It’s a large scythe, perfectly fitting for a reaper. Spikes protrude from near the eye where the blade meets the staff. While it’s her height and the blade is quite large, she has no issue hoisting it or performing tricks.


Calliope is not human. She’s not even living, which she discusses frequently with Takanashi Kiara, an immortal VTuber. She canonically explains to Kiara that she is a concept. Calliope cannot die because she does not possess life, putting her in an interesting category for viewers. She is not a character that writers could simply do away with, she’s a concept in and of herself, which allows her to be immortal. In fact, one last small point about her “body” is that it also doesn’t function like a living being’s would. In her debut stream she explains away the scythe clipping through her body as being a trick she can do. She can defy physics as well as time.


Calliope’s very name references this unique trait, meaning “beautiful voice” in it’s Japanese Kanji. It’s also shared with a Greek muse of epic poetry, which relates to her love of rap. She does musical performances about her job reaping, which many people enjoy simply for it’s originality. Other VTubers don’t tend to start out singing careers, let alone release an EP! Her debut EP, by the way, is titled “DEAD BEATS.” Furthermore, her voice itself is lower than many of her counterparts in the genre. While VTubers tend towards high-pitched, “kawaii” voices, Calliope’s is beloved for being truer to an everyday woman, while remaining melodic and smooth. If you would like to hear a voice; this is a good fragment to get started!


She splits her streams into multiple portions seamlessly, where she can show-off tricks she can do with her scythe, sing to the audience, or host a guest. So while her streams are just over an hour on average, they feel entertaining throughout.

Recently she’s begun streaming games, keeping them to the Underworld vibe while remaining child-friendly. She’s included other Hololivers as well, making viewers of multiple platforms feel included in the community.

She’s an easy talker whether with others or simply the audience. So even with her shy nature “on stage” so to speak, it’s rather relaxing to listen to her. Furthermore, she’s down to earth, allowing her viewers to simply sit back and enjoy her company rather than feeling like they need to be overexcitable.


While of course the woman behind the role is technically role-playing, it’s done seamlessly. In her debut stream she experienced some lag, which she remedied by explaining that the Underworld has trouble with internet. It was such an easy, acceptable explanation that didn’t break her character or feel out of place for her personality.


Her audience spans a large amount of people, from those who enjoy her gothic style and reaper past, to those who enjoy how shy she gets. She drank wine during a stream, allowing more mature viewers to appreciate a glass with her. But she also tries not to swear, and makes an effort for her services to remain kid-friendly.

She’s spoken of highly, even by those who aren’t exposed to the VTuber world but have simply seen her model or heard her name. It’s known that her model is one of the best-made, and that she has something for everyone.

Since her start in July she’s already increased her following to 700k subs and 30mil+ views:

Mori Calliope socialblade stats


Calliope is rather accessible, streaming on her YouTube channel multiple times a month. She often works with other Hololivers, giving streamers a chance to meet new members.

She has her own Twitter account, which she posts on multiple times a week! Rather than being full only of content, she shares fanart and speaks like a regular person would. It really makes her character easier to relate to and keep up with.

She also appeared on a Video Podcast called Trash Taste, where she sat next to live people. This feat of technology was extremely well-done and gained her more loyal followers, or “dead beats” as they’re affectionately called.

She has no issue speaking to her stream and enjoys conversing with them as well. In fact, she’s regularly streamed just to talk to her viewers. She enjoys answering her “chat”, or those who type to her while she’s live. She’s easy to talk to with her shy personality, and enjoyable to communicate with. She’s highly recommended for these traits.

Brief conclusion

All in all, Mori Calliope is a bright example of the VTuber community. She has great characteristics and a sound personality to continue her success! You can check out her socials or watch her content on YouTube

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