E-girl Games: The 5 Best Games To Play As An E-girl

June 29, 2020

Welcome to this guide about the 5 Best games to play as an e-girl. Games are rated here by their accessibility, popularity, and then their disposition towards female players. If you want to become an e-girl check out our elaborate guide on becoming an e-girl.

Keep in mind that it’s always important to protect your identity as games can be used to track your IP. Discover the 5 best free VPNs for gaming here.

League Of Legends

This article starts out with one of the most popular games of all time. It’s not an easy to play game but it is one of the best games to play as an e-girl.

League of Legends is a team game with ten players on a map; there’s 5 on each team. It began in 2009 in the United States and has carried on for 10 seasons. There’s now over 140 champions; only about a third of them, you can confirm as female, to select from. The game has five typical roles, with one outlying role to use these champions for: Top, Middle, Jungle, Attack Damage Carry (ADC), and Support. Occasional support players have taken up the rare role of Roamer in the past.

There are two current maps, there’s been a history of a few different maps. Dominion, Twisted Treeline, and Nexus Blitz have been retired, but Howling Abyss and Summoner’s Rift are left as the two main maps. There’s 1 mode on Howling Abyss, a one-lane map, called ARAM (All Random All Middle). Summoner’s Rift has 2, Normal (Normal Blind and Normal Draft) and Ranked (Ranked Solo/Duo and Ranked Flex)

There’s a fair number of champions to the point where just about anyone can find one to match their skill level, from beginner to challenger. No one role is harder or more important than the others, though there’s been some fighting about this. Support is typically seen as the egirl role in a team, though this is not the case. If you want to be another role, branch out, learn, and try. Have at least three choices for each one you play. Master your skills, watch a professional player to gain some extra tricks, and wow people the best you can.

As you have a team of 5, one person could make it break your chances of winning. Remember to encourage good behavior and people with low performance. This will keep your good players doing well, along with hopefully picking up the players not doing as well. 

Ganking, which is to enter a lane from the side coming out of the jungle or waiting in a lane bush, each lane at least once if you’re the jungler to judge who needs them more, or less, all while trying not to die as well. The goal of the team is to bring down all three towers in at least one lane, one inhibitor (blue crystal), the nexus towers, and finally, the nexus.

If you’re just beginning the game and want to go with some of the easier champions, then the list may be Garen for top lane, Lux for the middle lane, Nunu as the Jungler, Sivir as the simplest attack damage carry and Janna a simple support.

(Sources: Myself (102Asa#8099 on Discord)



Minecraft is a single-player and more popularly known as a multiplayer game due to its servers, realms along with the dungeons DLC (Downloadable Content). Created in 2009, but not officially released until 2011, this game was developed in Sweden by Markus Persson. He was also the creator of Mojang, before selling it all to Microsoft in 2014. The servers and realms, which are run by the host, not Mojang, can go from 5 players to thousands.

If you don’t feel like surviving in the wilds is your style, and you don’t wish to play alone, or with someone in survival, there are also many multiplayer minigame servers. The most popular on E-pal appears to be Hypixel. It offers fast minigames, slow minigames, the most common of these being a very simple one called Bed Wars. There are two roles to this game, either buying wool to head out and hunt others to destroy their bed or to fortify your own base’s bed to ensure it cannot be destroyed.

Once you get the idea of what you’re doing, which doesn’t take too long, this game is very easy to play and do. It’s very easy to break the ice on this type of game due to it’s laid back nature and the age group it’s aimed at. However, if you want to show more skill and actually know how to do one thing, you may actually have a real job awaiting you: Mods.

Mods came about on June 3rd, 2015, in the form of the Minecraft Coder Pack (Mod Coder Pack (MCP)). This allowed people to begin editing and adding to the code of Minecraft. It was difficult to find, but I found the names of two female mod makers: Eloraam and Kaelym.

Eloraam is the creator of Redpower.
Kaelym is the creator of Elypsis.

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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a multiplayer game with multiple character slots and classes to choose from. There’s a few stages your character can go through as you quest, fight, and level up in the massive open world. The currencies are gold and pearls, with pearls costing real money. It has many regions and servers for each part of the world.

The game boasts many ways to make coins in it, not limited to, but including Crafting, Cooking, Farming, Horse Training, Horse Selling, Alchemy, Alchemy Supplying, Fishing, Harvesters and more unlisted. Incomes vary greatly along with the ease of which one can do certain jobs. The one that people claim makes the most money overall would be Fishing out of everything listed, which can commonly be done when AFK and is even set up as the default.

BDO’s roots started in 2010 in Korea before being released to Russia, Korea, and Japan in 2015. It reached America and Europe in 2016, followed by the Middle East and North Africa in 2017 with Southeast Asia coming in 2018. Korea began play-testing a mobile version of the game in 2018, only to release at least to North America in 2020.

With all this heavy history, there’s one thing that really suggests out in this game, which is the body customization when creating a character for both males and females. While each role is gender assigned, you can often find a male and a female role that mirror one another, such as the female bow-wielding Ranger and the male bow-wielding Archer. Outside of the character creation is the magical pearl shop which allows you to buy many things such as Better underwear (I believe) cat ears, cat tails, pets, horns, wings and far, far too many skimpy outfits for women. Along with a dedicated roleplay chat and ability to own houses and invite friends in, not to mention crawling, you hopefully see where this is going. 

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Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is a platformer puzzle game with putty-like characters with customizable outsides similar to Minecraft. Made by Lithuanian studio No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital. It was released for Windows, Linux, and Mac in 2016, followed by PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2017, with finally a version for Android and iOS in 2019. The game was made by only one developer, a man named Tomas Sakalauskas, and was designed to have multiple ways of finishing each level.

This game is known to be fun and silly, with a lot of laughs to be had all around as your characters look around and grab onto other things. Arms are controlled independently, though they can also be used together. Each level has various hidden remotes to give you tips on how to solve them. In 2017 they had added the ability to join games online or do so by LAN (people nearby). It allows for a maximum of 8 players per small server.

With its simplistic graphics, the game is very easy to run on just about any of the listed devices, requiring no additional purchases to have it function smoothly and correctly. It has multiple maps to explore, though, with eight people, it can quickly become awkward in trying to solve the puzzles. Either everyone wins, or everyone loses, so there is a solid drive for collaboration to be done.

For your little avatars, you can select from both outfits and painting yourself, with detail not exactly being expected or required, and it is suggested that all art remains child friendly.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offense

Counter-Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO) is a competitive first-person shooter that was developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment in 2010. Since then it has been relentlessly updated and added to in ways of maps, skins, along with even loot boxes for gambling. They were rather reduced or banned in certain countries.

The game has many different modes between Casual with its teams of ten and Competitive with its teams of 5, with both sharing the same goals. Others include Wingman, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Flying Scoutsman, Weapons Course, and Danger Zone.

Focusing on the first two modes, the goal is to defend a bomb, with friendly fire on and the ability to buy kits for defusing similar to real life. Lobbies are often sorted, and people are reported to be easy-going, yet easily angered. It’s up to your luck to figure out the type of team you will be assigned.

Females in CS:GO do not often reach higher ranks, as reported by a few players. It’s unknown if this is because they stay silent or really aren’t there. The women appeared trapped within the silver division for the most part but apparently unimportant to them compared to the reward of being a girl. Girls are often seen as to be worshipped and gifted free items. It appears a certain case as to why they don’t rank is the male’s focus upon them instead of the game, and you might even seem to be about to play a woman.

There is currently only one female character who was a part of a small event of some type, but now that the event has ended, buying is the only way to obtain her. She’s found for sale in the Steam Workshop.

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