1$ minimum per game

User Experience / Interface






The good stuff

  • Good UX / UI
  • Great variety

Needs improvement

  • Not a great community
  • Website is currently declining

A brief summary:

  • OK score of 6.5.
  • Good if you’re looking to hire and play with a gamer.
  • Bad if you’re looking for a community to join.

What is Epal.gg?

epal.gg logo

Epal.gg initially started as Egirl.gg but changed its name due to some not completely known scandal that happened. The website lets you hire mostly female gamers to play with you and is by far the largest website to offer this service.

In our Epal.gg review we will discuss the way the website is for the user. From UI / UX to its variety and community. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out or Battlebuddy review and Fiverr review. Our check out our general comparison.

The Review:

User Experience / Interface

With payment options you have to pay for the website currency in order to place orders, instead of paying directly, which is unfortunately a way of making you pay more than you have to. Since there’s no way to withdraw the balance if you want to order someone for, let’s say 1.5$ , you will have to pay 2$ and unfortunately will be unable to get said money back, which is a downside to the website.

The website is user friendly when looking for someone to play with. Each game is separated individually and is easily accessible and usable. In each game tab you can use the 3 category options to find the person who you are looking for.

There are 4 tabs you can customise to find who you want to find here, which are gender, age, price as well as skill level. Furthermore, they have a match feature, which allows you to put in who you want to play with, and find those who fit those criteria and are currently online and happy to play with you.

The general user experience and interface is very good and the website is very easy and comfortable to use. Unfortunately they do kind of lock in your money and the payment system is not very user friendly. Therefore E-pal gets a high score and would get a near-perfect score if they had a more user friendly payment system.


The variety of Epal is the largest out of all the websites to choose from, although a fair few of the top members have unfortunately left due to feeling screwed over by the corporate staff or having other stuff to do. Not only are there an extremely large number of games to choose from, but also there’s a custom game section, meaning even if the game isn’t officially on the website, you can put an application for a custom game with the game title as the name, allowing people to play that game with you anyway.

There are more than 10.000 people to choose from overall, so if you are looking for people to play with, there’s definitely someone there who fits what you are looking for.

As a result we have rated E-pal.gg with the maximum score.


Unfortunately, the community of E-pal is decaying, slowly but surely. With its name change, as well as the lack of content made using them on Twitch and Youtube, less people are looking at and using the site nowadays. Furthermore, due to the large separation between the corporate and the community side, conflict and resentment rose between them.

Up until the end of July, the discord had weekly events, was very active, and had a bunch of regulars always in the voice channels. Unfortunately, due to the overall built up resentment as well as the admins of discord, who also worked as on site staff working for 8 hours a day for free being fed up with how they were treated, the server was nuked. The 3 admins decided to delete the rules and give every member admin privileges, causing 15.000 members to leave, many members to be banned and unbanned many times over and the name changed to “E-Gay” and “Attack On Titan Appreciation society”.

All the regulars either left the community entirely or went to other ones which were similar to the original E-pal. Currently E-pal is a sad comparison to its former glory, with power hungry mods and still extremely disconnected owners. This is a shame, as these websites are built a strong and tightly knit community.

Epal.gg Alexa rank
The decay of e-pal is very visible if you look at its average website rank in the past 90 days.

Conclusion of our Epal.gg Review

In this Epal.gg review we have looked at the main points that count when renting a gamer to play with you. Epal scored pretty well on user experience and interface, but leaves you wanting when it comes to their payment system.

The variety and offer on Epal is amazing. While it’s not likely that all users are still active, the website has a great amount of profiles and choice and you can play any game you’d like.

The community is the most difficult part of Epal. The community had a great start but nowadays it’s hard to find someone who’s been in the community that still has a lot of positive things to say. This is a shame and honestly it can only really get better from here.

As a result Epal.gg gets an OK score of 6.5. The website’s good if you’re looking to hire and play with a gamer, but it’s not great if you’re looking for a community to join and blend in with.

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