What are e-girls?

by Mar 30, 2020

Following definitions apply for all genders correspondingly.

So. What are e-girls?

The term e-girl has seen a steep increase in usage since 2019. It is currently unknown who coined the term and which platform it originated from. You will find the term mostly on social media, platforms like Twitch and Discord.

General definition of e-girl

Generally speaking, “e-girl” (electronic girl) is an online term used to describe a young woman who uses the internet actively, usually trying to get attention on social media. She often presents herself as a stereotypical anime or gaming fan with conspicuous makeup and colorful hair; alternatively [colorful] goth or emo-like visuals, including chains, [leather] necklaces, and chokers. Her looks are also inspired by the aesthetics of hip-hop, 1990’s fashion, or the skater culture.

An e-girl’s personality can range from cute, shy or very emotional to seductive, quirky, or edgy. When presenting themselves on social media, the excessive use of filters, in particular cat/dog faces, soft focus, hearts, glittery/star filters, and cute stickers, is very characteristic. 

E-girl is also a term that has been associated with a negative meaning. Not rarely it is used as an insult to popular/attractive women on streaming sites or social media, such as Twitch, TikTok, or Discord. From a more radical perspective, it is also been equated with the terms “THOT” (That H♥e Over There)  or “internet sl♥t”.

What are e-girls? Check this example of an e-girl's aesthetic by Leticia Shirakiin
Example of an e-girl’s aesthetic by Leticia Shirakiin1

Specific types

E-girl is more of an umbrella term and there is an astounding amount of different types of e-girls. It is used to assemble a variety of specific types of girls that fit into a specific trend or stereotyped “type of girl”. An e-girl tries to fulfill the expectations of a specific type to target a certain audience. In the collapsed texts below you can find each definition. If you are missing one, let us know!



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