Today we’ll be reviewing one of the new English VTubers, Amelia Watson. She comes with a host of lore to delve into, hers deriving from the stories created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the nineteenth century. He created one of the best-known detective teams ever, featuring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Let’s get into the review!

Appearance: Amelia’s looks

Her current Twitter image

Amelia’s “Mama”, or main creator, is NABI @nab0i on Twitter. But, much as she’s derived from an author’s team, she’s actually the result of a collaboration! She lists her father as being NANAME @7name_.

Through her father, she has a sister named Shiranui Flare, an elf Hololiver.

Amelia has shoulder-length blonde hair, with pale skin and bright blue eyes. She looks perfectly human and sane, and a lot of her intrigue comes more from her clothing and voice.

Outfit: Dress, but not impress

Amelia Watson outfit

Fancy outfit with proper detective looks

Amelia likes to wear a feminised version of Holmes’ old outfits. This includes a studious white button up, high-waisted plaid skirt. She sometimes includes a trench coat, matching hat, and magnifying glass to the equation.

But since she’s working as an adorable Hololiver, she’s added a few touches. Like thigh highs, and a garter belt with some of her “Watson’s Concotion”. As an added height of mischief, she has a moustache on her glass and another on her tie.

She wears another eyeglass, an outdated form of glasses, clipped up in her bangs. As well as a stethoscope around her shoulders, a nod to Dr. Watson.

An old-fashioned pocketwatch is also fastened to the front of her skirt.

Her stream sits within a detective’s office, often with notepads on her desk.

Character: A curious detective

Amelia Watson is human, unlike some other VTubers! Her birthday is January 6th, she has a little brother who she built a computer for, and she even canonically works as a detective.

But her job veered a bit off course recently, when she found herself investigating the mythological creatures at Hololive. She’s part of 5 girls who make up the Hololive English team – Mori Calliope, an immortal reaper, Takanashi Kiara, an immortal bird, Ninomae Ina’nis, a Lovecraftian tentacle monster girl, and Gawr Gura, a 9000 year old shark from Atlantis.

In 19th century horror stories, some of which Doyle himself wrote, there’s typically a detective meant to give us a glimpse into a crazy world. They begin investigating foul occurrences and find themselves in a rabbit hole of intrigue and lore. For us, Amelia is that character.

She’s fun, she’s relatable, and she’s adorable to watch.

At the same time, Amelia is based off one of the most chaotic pairs in literature, and her streams reflect this behavior.

Voice: Not too consistent, yet still good!

If you want to hear her voice: She’ll be reading chat for 2 hours in this video!

While her voice is higher than Calliope’s, it remains lower than many of the more traditional VTubers. She speaks in a British accent when investigating, which many fans were hoping for before her debut stream. Many of Sherlock’s adventures took place in London, England. Her accent isn’t thick enough to bother viewers whose first language may not be English.

When she isn’t in the middle of an investigation, however, she speaks with an American tone. This is closer to home for Lovecraftian stories, which often took place in New England, America.

When emulating special effects, Amelia’s pitch raises, but remains steady and unobtrusive. Her laugh is adored by many of her fans.

Communication: Spot on!

The first portion of her debut stream was cute, just a little icebreaker.

The second half though. The second half is her giving the viewers “Watson’s Concoction”, which she claims she used to give to Holmes. Then the screen starts swaying, and viewers see multiple versions of her.

As a doctor, she’s allowed to treat different patients. But she straight up experiments on you, as a viewer, while you watch her. And far from being horrifying, it’s actually quite entertaining.

This is a great example of the chaos Amelia harbors. She enjoys this segment very much, not just breaking the fourth wall but making a livestream interactive without having to take time to read chat.

All of her reactions are so spot-on that, while of course they must be generalized for many viewers, it feels more personal.

She enjoys streaming games, which take up the priority of her streams. She excels at first person shooters, which perhaps is where her idea to break the fourth wall so early on came from.

Performance: In character and fun!

Throughout her streams, she maintains her role as an investigator. She enjoys asking the other English VTubers if they are mythical creatures. This requires her to maintain her performance where she acts as if she is a detective.

She is not very good at asking questions pertaining to any actual investigation, especially since the girls are obviously inhuman. But it’s hilarious watching them interact. She does a great job of effortlessly remaining in character, while being intriguing.

Popularity: On her way to one million

Amelia Watson socialblade YouTube stats

Amelia Watson Socialblade YouTube stats

Her fan base is more for teenagers and older, especially adults who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft.

Anyone who sticks their nose in a book or enjoys mystery animes would enjoy watching her. But since she’s also an avid gamer, those who enjoy gaming streams could also be sucked into her world.

She is growing in popularity along with the entire team, her YouTube channel boasting over 675k subscribers.

Accessibility: A small paywall

While Amelia streams for free on YouTube, she also has tiers to her streams, allowing more access on a pay basis. Members of her YouTube Channel are named Investigators, Investamigators, and Investamigatorators.

You will have to “Join” her YouTube channel to get access to this.

So, while a lot of her streams are free, there is quite a bit of content that can only be viewed after being paid for. This also narrows the type of viewers she has into a more adult base, who both have the money and will to pay for her streams.

Amelia is a detective who does a great job making viewers feel like they, too, are on the investigation. It jumpstarts their curiosity towards VTubers as a whole, not just into Amelia’s lore, but into the other girls as well. She’s a valuable member and it’s exciting to see what she’ll investigate next!