2$ Per game at the time of writing









The good stuff

  • Quick response time
  • Clutch Soraka Gameplay
  • Choker (Sorry*)


If you’ve ever played League of Legends, you will understand our struggle. Here we are, sitting with 3 of my friends wanting to play a ranked game of LoL. In League your options are limited to Solo / Duo (1 or 2) or Flex queue (1 to 5). As we were a group of four, our only option was ranked flex. Unfortunately it’s not allowed to play in groups of four.

What if… Instead of our traditional ways of finding our fifth player (Which usually goes terribly wrong), we just HIRE our fifth player. It’s big brain time!

The eternal question

I know, you’ve probably asked yourself this question thousands of times. Don’t worry, so have I:

“How do you find the perfect e-girl for ranked flex?”

-Every league player ever (Don’t quote me on this)

Well no need to worry. On the website you used we had a handy filter for the e-girls’ ELO. We set it to silver and gold and embarked on our journey to find the perfect e-girl to play flex with.

After a brief pre-selection, we all shared our links into the Discord server and messages a view girl to ask them their flex ranks. It would be super awkward if she can’t join the lobby after paying for the game. (Maybe a bit of a waste of money too)

The game

The game started out great. Our botlaners had an instant synergy, just maybe not in the way one would hope.

Anyone watching could easily assert that our Draven and e-girl were developing a relationship based on animal instincts. Draven became the alpha predator (Borderline sadistic) and MissInsane (as Soraka) became the apologetic and submissive support.

Let’s just say that it was giving me some strong 50 shades of Draven vibes.

We all gave our best efforts and botlane played very well. Soraka had some very clutch heals and almost carried the game. Unfortunately, in the end, it didn’t even matter.

These are the postgame stats:

The ratings:


It might not be a secret but I have a very strong weakness for Scandinavian women. With MissInsane being a Swedish e-girl, I can’t help my slight bias.


While I find it difficult to judge someone based on looks, especially based on a picture, I’d dare to say that MissInsane has a great look and fits the expectations of what you’re looking for when you play with an e-girl. Here’s three things that stand out from her picture:

  • Hearts filter
  • Choker (*Sorry)
  • Pink hair

*Sorry: Yeah.. You either hate it or you love it. I love it.


Her voice is quite high-pitched and fits the anime type of e-girl which many like to play with. I personally don’t like it as much but I can understand that others will. I was also not convinced whether it was real or fake, but if it was fake, it was certainly impressive that she kept it up the whole game. Her voice wasn’t hard to listen to and quite nice, just not my thing!

Then again, I can’t complain, as this is the type of voices I should be expecting when hiring an e-girl.

Effort & Gameplay

As mentioned before, she played Soraka support and which League player doesn’t love that? She tried very hard and was apologetic if anyone died. She communicated well, did her best and tried to win until the very end. At no point she had a negative attitude and she was super cheerful and happy to play with. Her ELO wasn’t very high but that’s fine as that isn’t the main goal here.


It’s not as easy to determine a level of authenticity when you’re playing in a group. Even though it’s hard to do, she was probably what most people look for in an e-girl. I personally don’t like it so much when someone has a high pitched voice, but I’m sure my friends enjoyed it a lot. While she was kind and unique and her voice was certainly something out of this world, it doesn’t make the authenticity extremely high.

Value for money

We paid 2$ for a game. Most prices range from 2$ to 5$+ and as the game lasted 30 minutes it wasn’t expensive at all. MissInsane tried her best, played well and was great company.

For the fun, happiness and effort she provided we’d definitely recommend to play a game with her.