Top 10 Famous E-girls to keep you company during quarantine

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This year most of us are mostly staying home to keep ourselves and those around us safe. But we’re not alone.
So curl up with a cup of tea and grab a box of chocolates. Here’s ten famous e-girls: All Streamers, YouTubers, and media influencers to tune into and keep you company.

1. Pokimane

Real name Imane Anys, she was on our site’s original list, Top 10 Cute E-girls that you’ll absolutely love (check it out!). Still a fan favorite, Pokimane is a variety streamer known for her charming voice and cute personality.


Pokimane has been streaming for quite awhile. She began regularly posting YouTube videos in addition to her Twitch streaming, allowing for those who have abandoned Twitch to enjoy her content. She’s a genius at marketing herself and networking. She hit 3 million followers on Twitter this year!

Her recent career has included an inclusive French stream, where she spoke en français for some of her international viewers. She’s also been streaming Genshin Impact, a wildly popular RPG. This led to her being featured as an RPG character, drawn by LilyPichu. Lily is another streamer, though she prefers against being called an E-girl. Imane’s character is an agile knight with a “cute polka dot hair ribbon”!

Haters? I think not!

While Pokimane is a successful streamer, there are some who still try to put women down in the industry. An internet troll did accuse the 3-time Diamond-ranked Valorant player of being “boosted”. Boosted is the act of lending your account to someone else to get it ranked high, or of playing with high ranked individuals for your own account to see the rewards of their wins. 

It’s a common insult lobbed at women, along with a slew of other accusations that all come back to the same idea. At the end of the day, she put the unfounded accusations down

Tune in

Watch Pokimane if you enjoy gaming streams, and an outgoing lobby of people!

Twitch | YouTube

2. Emma Langevin

She’s an up-and-coming E-girl, the LITERAL FACE of CORPSE_Husband’s song “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” We know the E-girl anthem. Her photo is on the cover, and since it’s release she’s received a fair share of fanart and support. Go give the song some love here.
Also #streamagoraphobic.


She hasn’t been streaming for too long, her rise to mainstream fame was back in May 2020, but she’s been steadily growing since then. She’s working hard for it, existing on both Twitch and YouTube, as well as being a social media influencer on Instagram.  At the moment, she’s mostly comfortable streaming chats to Twitch. There, you can check out her fun fashions, as well as her extensive stuffed animal collection!

Her style is used as inspiration for E-girls around the world. She has half-and-half hair at the moment, and often wears bundles of cute jewelry. Her numerous tattoos and piercings, each one a piece of art, are featured on her Instagram @emmalangevinxo

Haters? A thing of the past!

Emma became famous for being praised and cancelled in a single day. She came under fire for supposedly following untastely individuals on certain social medias. The accusations were mostly met with confusion, as she was unaware of the stances of those involved, and had meant no harm. It did lead to discussions about cancelling people prematurely.

Tune in

Watch Emma if you like a chill stream, maybe putting it on in the background while doing homework over break.

Twitch | YouTube | CORPSE_Husband’s Gaming YouTube

3. QTCinderella

Also featured on the first post, she remains a top result for Twitch viewers looking for a fun E-Girl.


She’s been streaming for awhile, had her fair share of drama (specifically with Pokimane) but these days she’s dating Ludwig, another streamer. He appears on some of her videos as well, and sometimes in her podcasts. She has over 250k followers on Twitch, and enjoys streaming chats and chess!

She’s also part of the House Wives of Twitch Podcast, featured on both Twitch and YouTube. In it, the female streamers talk about their lives, much like a regular podcast or a morning show.

Haters? Well.

She’s becoming known for her biting words in the industry. Even in her podcasts, her viewers argue over whether or not she was right to phrase her terms quite the way she does.

Tune in

Watch Cinderella if you need drama in your life, something to lounge on the sofa with over some non-alcoholic rosé.

Twitch | YouTube | Ludwig’s YouTube

4. Maya Zaya

A YouTube personality known for her E-girl makeup tips! She’s a style icon, and a growing MUA (makeup artist).


She posts often, usually more than once a week. At the moment, she’s close to 100k subscribers on the app! Her style guides are over-the-top, in a good way. She can go from being an anime character, to a pastel princess, to an E-girl queen. This keeps her looks consistently fresh.

As a result of her, other ladies on this list, and the pandemic, E-girl style is changing. While it began with heavy influences from specific animes, and Harajuku style, it’s evolving to include a wider variety, which in turn helps to include more people. Perhaps someone isn’t comfortable looking dark and gloomy, but Maya can help their makeup routine look angelic and light. She knows her stuff, and has an eye for color.

Haters? Pfft.

While she has a large following, there aren’t really haters! I was pleasantly surprised.

Tune in

Maya is good if you need inspiration in your life, or need a calm video.


5. Nava Rose

Nava Rose is a YouTube star. She’s known for her fashion, and with over 1 Million subscribers, she’s amassed huge growth. 


Posting since 2013, in that amount of time she’s covered a lot of topics. Her playlists (of her own videos) include TikToks, fashion hauls, DIYs, and body positivity! She even makes outfits for expecting women, which is very kind. This kind of fashion sense mixed with recognition makes her videos positive and uplifting.

While her personal style veers towards the “typical” E-Girl edgy look, Nava also includes comprehensive outfits. She has a Valentine’s Day video here, which showcases 15 Valentine’s Day outfits, each one for a different mood. They include everything from faux fur ensembles, to family-appropriate jeans, to classic leather jackets. 

Haters? Unfortunately.

Nava Rose isn’t exactly controversial, her channel is about fashion for crying out loud. But Nava does face racism. Please give her some love on her channel!

Tune in

She’s great for motivation and just being accepting of who you are.


6. Rari Kari

Kari is a YouTuber who can pull off some cool hairstyles! And show you how too. She has some wonderful, unique E-girl fashions out there.


Kari has a talent for teaching. She makes hairstyling look easy, and excels at showing others how to use curlers and extensions.

In addition to her talents, Kari is very good at making previously extreme looks more tame. She plays around with a mullet, and sculpts her own wigs. For cosplayers and E-girls alike, her channel is super useful.

Haters? Nahh.

Tune in

Kari’s videos are something exciting, and very visually appealing. If you need a video that grabs your attention, check her out.


7. Xepher Wolf

Famous in the 2010s, famous in the 2020s.


Listen, Xepher was an emo kid. Her first post on Instagram was 2013, when we were still crying over MCR (before their comeback!). She has one of the OG emo names as well. I mean, Wolf? That’s classic. It’s great.

She’s branded herself as a style icon, and from there grew. Xepher has become an MUA, fashion influencer, social media influencer, YouTuber, and music artist. That’s quite a rep! These days, she’s been focusing on hanging out with friends, and continuing to do fun makeup looks on them. She’s known as one of the “Trap House Girls”, a group on YouTube made as a foil to Sam and Colby’s “Trap House” (boys).

Her fashion is easily defined by it’s bright colors and precise makeup. The looks themselves are comprehensive, taking in facial features and even the landscape in which the photos are taken to make the look pop.

Haters? Only in the parlor.

Yeah, she likes pineapple on pizza.

Tune in

If you’re looking for excitement, and to get involved with a group of YouTubers, check out Xepher. Her and her friends are always up to something new and fun. Also check out Sam and Colby’s channel, they have exciting new videos coming out pretty often.

YouTube | Collab with Devyn | Collab with Amber | Sam and Colby’s YouTube

8. DojaCat

She is a super-famous celebrity, who did an E-girl tutorial, and her work is very good.


She’s a music creator, first album released in 2018, famous for her song “Mooo!” It’s a bit of a troll song, turning a negative connotation into a fun one.

E-girl style arose as an antithesis to the Instagram influencers of the time, as a way of standing up to obnoxious beauty standards and painful procedures that young people were being encouraged to perform. Insta-fit looked like a healthy style, but encouraged unrealistic ideas about how people look. Gen Z decided this wasn’t okay, and revived old emo looks as an act of rebellion.

Doja Cat’s style simply emulates this change, having fun with her style rather than wearing it for someone else.

Haters? Yup.

As a large celebrity, people tend to think it’s okay to bully her. As a poc woman, people think it’s okay to be racist and sexist towards her. It’s not, and there are those trying to make sure that she’s allowed to express herself. Especially when enjoying a style choice about inclusivity and empowerment.

Tune in

If you need tunes, or if you just got out of a relationship, stream Boss B*tch from the Birds of Prey soundtrack. Remember you’re strong, you’re fierce, and you won’t let the haters keep you down.


9. light collins

light (lowercase, and can I say, her name is SO COOL. THE DEATH NOTE VIBES) is a YouTuber fashion genius in the E-girl scene.


Her channel has been around since 2016, and she posts fairly regularly. Her videos are specifically about E-girl fashions, makeup, and E-girl thrift shopping! This is huge, because a lot of the influencers on our list revolve around expensive resources. light teaches her followers realistic, everyday approaches to fashion.

These days, people are penny-pinching! It’s hard to make a fun style and not have to spend hundreds online shopping. So being able to DIY fashion or find money-saving techniques is helpful!

Haters? Won't quench this light.

Tune in

If you want to save money!


10. eve frsr

Also not capitalized, eve is a YouTuber who keeps her look colorful.


eve became alternative in high school, growing up to be an E-girl. She marketed herself well, amassing over 700k followers. She has videos similar to articles on this site, such as detailing how to be an E-girl, or different fashion choices.

She’s a trend-setter, who rocks abnormal hairstyles and pairs them with cute jewelry, making them popular and well-loved.

Haters? Yeah.

She has a video of her turning from an alternative style to a very different look. It’s controversial due to her statements during the video towards other women.

Tune in

If you’re looking for trends, check out eve.



Overall, Famous E-girls have some incredible fashions, and are great at body positivity, kind messages, and entertainment. Their work strives on helping you discover the things that bring you joy, that help you to feel included, and that give you some entertainment, funny stories, genuine tears, and hearty laughs. It’s important to remember that we’re going through this together, and that for the time being, this is a good way to interact. So go out there, watch their streams, comment on their videos (nice things!) and enjoy the kindness that others work so hard to offer.

I hope you enjoy this article as well as their social media.

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