Top 7 Sexy E Girls That Would Buy You Dinner First

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Nights are getting darker and temperatures are going down. The holiday season is coming, which means that most of us will be spending a lot of time at home and for some, lonely days ahead.

Thank god for the cure-all for loneliness and dark times; A girlfriend! Just kidding, we all know that there is only one solution for dark times and that is the ‘Just chatting’ section on, full of your favorite winter e-companions. 

If you’re looking for a list of the top sexy E girls and where to find them, we’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a few details about who they are and what they do and where you can find them! 

1. Amouranth

This must have come as a total surprise to you, but Amouranth is the first sexy E girl on our list. Her real name is Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa. She is a well-known cosplayer on Twitch and streams ASMR content on YouTube.


In 2010, she started designing costumes on her own and was introduced as a costume designer by the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet. Her YouTube career began in 2011, but she didn’t publish her debut video until 2016. Along with the Amouranth channel, she also has 3 other channels: Amouranth ASMR, Also Amouranth, and Amouranth Daily Clips.

Previous controversy

Amouranth lied about being single out of concern that she would lose male subscribers if she didn’t.

2. Corinna Kopf

Second on our list of sexy e girls is 26-year-old Corinna Kopf, who is quickly becoming a social media sensation. She was born in Palatine, Illinois.


She is a Twitch streamer, a model, and a YouTuber. She started making appearances on David Dobrik‘s vlogs, which gave her her big break on YouTube. About 6.8 million people follow her on Instagram. She has gained a significant amount of popularity by routinely streaming on Twitch, and she has also been seen frequently uploading to Instagram.

Previous controversy

The reason for Corinna Kopf’s temporary removal from Twitch was that she was streaming while wearing inappropriate clothing. 

3. Daisy Keech

Fitness model Daisy Keech is well-known on social media, where she has a sizable fan base on both Instagram and TikTok. She also has over 3.2 million subscribers on her YouTube account. She co-founded the youthful TikTok personality collective Hype House along with Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou.


She started off as a fitness model and rose to fame thanks to her workout videos. Furthermore, she maintains a secondary Instagram account, Keechpeach.

Previous controversy

She has sued Hype House co-owners Lil Huddy and Thomas Petrou.

4. Suki Yuki

Suki Yuki, an American fashion model, cosplayer, and social media personality of Hawaiian descent, comes in at number four on our list of seductive e-girls. She is a dedicated gamer and cosplayer as well.


Suki Yuki simply spreads positive energy and is a die-hard Legend of Zelda lover. She also offers fans access to adult content on her OnlyFans account in addition to streaming. She has a strong interest in modeling. Suki Yuki Unicorn has worked with numerous reputable and well-known brands.

Style & type

She enjoys dressing up as Zelda because the character suits her slim body type and blonde hair.

5. Bella Poarch

Who hasn’t heard of Bella Poarch? She has a large fan base on Instagram and TikTok. This Filipino-American singer and social media sensation is a veteran of the United States Navy, demonstrating her strong resolve. With $66,000 for each post, she is also the third-richest TikTok celebrity.


When she was 13 years old, she and her parents moved to the United States. In August 2020, she shared a video in which she could be seen lip-syncing to a rap song. This video quickly went viral. 

Previous controversy

She got backlash for a Rising Sun tattoo that some in East Asia found disrespectful. She publicly apologized for the same and had the tattoo removed.

6. Pokimane

Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, is a Moroccan-Canadian internet personality who rose to prominence after streaming video game content on Twitch. Her favorite games are Fortnite and League of Legends. With over 9.2 million followers, she is the most followed female streamer on Twitch.


In 2013, she began streaming on Twitch. She also has six YouTube channels, including Pokimane, imane, Pokimane TOO, Pokiemane VODS, OfflineTV, and poki ASMR (as of 11-10-2022 there is no more videos on this channel) in addition to Twitch. Pokimane has recently enjoyed a break from content creation and social media. After her break she mentioned a big decision, first and foremost, this does not mean that she is quitting streaming. She is looking to explore more avenues of content creation and more is coming soon!

Previous controversy

Pokimane’s change into a Vtuber avatar drew a lot of criticism. Some of her fans accused her of exploiting the growing trend of Vtubers at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

7. Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkles is the last on our list. She was born in Poland but now stays in California. Before becoming a Twitch streamer, Instagram model, and internet sensation, she taught for two years in Poland. She also maintains an account with OnlyFans.


She routinely does live streaming on her Twitch account, with over 1 million followers. She was mostly observed playing League of Legends on it.

Previous controversy

For one day, her Twitch account was blocked. Many users claimed that it was banned because she broadcasted adult content on Twitch.


You just looked at a list of the top seven sexy E girls, but many others are available on the Internet. Anyways, caught you simping!

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