SparklePandas: A new E-girl website offering 4 amazing services

by Jun 20, 2021E-girl

Introducing SparklePandas

If this is your first visit to E-girl Reviews, you might not have heard of E-girl sites before. E-girl websites generally are sites where you can pay to meet or hang out with an e-girl. This meeting can be as a simple video chat, a regular chat or playing a game together.

These offers were initially placed on sites such as Fiverr, however as the site lacked functionality and the right audience, better alternatives have popped up. Some of these we have covered in the past, such as E-pal and Battlebuddy (The site is still up, but do not use Battlebuddy) .

Today it’s time to introduce you to Sparkle Pandas. Sparkle Pandas is a relatively new site that launched in 2020.

Update: As of now Sparkle Pandas is no longer active and has locked away the funds of its members. 

The site’s unique approach to this emerging market is something to be noted, as they offer new types of services (More in detail about this later). In this article we will be giving you a brief look into their offers, the story behind Sparkle Pandas as well as their unique benefit compared to its competitors.

Sparkle Panda Example

So what the heck is a Sparkle Panda? is essentially an e-girl website, as they ask an e-girl to sign up as a ‘Panda’. A Panda is someone who provides their services on websites. Upon signing up, the Panda fills in their details and specifies which services will be provided at what fee. The fee however is calculated in an unique way! More about this later.

You can hire a Panda with bamboo

The Sparkle Pandas use a unique type of currency known as “Bamboo” and “Bamboo Leaves”. Users can buy Bamboo for dollars or their own currency and will be able to spend this on any service they desire. It looks like this:

Bamboo + Leaves Currency Sparkle Pandas

Where dollars have dollar cents, Bamboo has Bamboo leaves. The leaves are used to give the Pandas more flexibility on their rates.

I mean, what would a Panda do with money, they would rather have Bamboo! And if you don’t get what you’re paying for, I guess you got Bamboozled?

Anyways, the users provide the Pandas with Bamboo or Bamboo leaves for their services and the platform takes a small fee for future development, marketing and advertising of the Panda’s content. Sounds like a win-win right? Let’s take a deeper look into the unique services that you can offer on Sparkle Pandas.

The unique services of Sparkle Pandas

We are all used to the basic services: Play a game or pay to have a voice / video chat and that’s it. This is where Sparkle Pandas goes above and beyond. While all keeping it PG Sparkle Pandas provides an elaborate set of services to both satisfy its users and to remove limitations from the Pandas.

These are the currently supported services:

Press the corresponding tab to read more about the service

In a playdate the Panda meets one-to-one with a user on video or audio, this can be decided by the user. You can book an instant meeting (if the Panda is currently online) or you can schedule a playdate for later that day or week through an elaborate booking system.

Wouldn’t you love to have pictures or videos made just for you by your favorite cosplayer? For every offer there’s an audience and Sparkle Pandas provides a platform that allows Pandas to sell their digital content for a fee.

  • Offers similar to Patreon, where the user can pay a retainer in return for a service or exclusive access.

A Panda knows their audience best, that’s why the Pandas are granted freedom to decide what unique offers they can give to their (potential) audience. Of course this is regulated by ToS. (Terms of Service)

Keeping it safe for the Pandas

Operating in this environment can be quite tricky. Some users may exhibit undesired behaviour and in some very extreme cases this can even go as far as stalking and doxxing. To keep it fun for everyone we have to protect the Pandas, as they are an endangered species after all! So how does SparklePandas approach it?

All of the above mentioned services can be provided on the website without having to leave the protected environment. There’s no need to be redirected to Discord, Skype or any other platform. The privacy of both users is protected and everything can therefore happen within the safe boundaries of the website.

The website adheres to international and even EU privacy laws and security. Additionally, privacy is one of the top priorities.

While all of this should be enough to protect the Panda, in the end it’s the Panda’s own responsibility to share whatever she’s comfortable sharing.

Protect e-girl pandas: Save the pandas!

A SparklePanda in her natural habitat

Conclusion: So is SparklePandas the next E-girl site?

The platform looks super promising, the commissions for the Pandas are very generous and any profits are put towards future development and growth of the platform. So let’s hope that Sparklepandas gets some traction compared to its competitors. It’s certainly worth a look if you’re looking to try it out. It’s developing and tightly knit community makes it very welcoming and the team behind it is always open to feedback and suggestions for future features.  If you ever try it out, please let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Let’s go hug some Pandas! 


  1. Bad Ending Cosplay

    Hey, I agree with Seal here. I was one of the people impacted by the sparkle pandas incident and am still fighting against Erika who is using the Sparkle Pandas money for a pet clothing store, reminding her of what she has done and how she owes money. Adding in some footnotes about it being shut down simply isn’t enough. I am happy to have a chat with you guys about this!

  2. Seal

    Heya ! No clue if you guys read these but , You might wanna delete your review for sparkle pandas :))

    The site turned out to be a scam and almost all the Pandas have been put out of a LOT of money they are owed. Erika Yao is refusing to speak about it and is ignoring everything to do with the site-

    It wont look good for the company to have such a positive review on something that turned out to be a scam / money launder.


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