2$ per game at the time of writing

Aesthetic (Appearance & Voice)


Effort & Gameplay




Value for money


The good stuff

  • Positive attitude
  • Very Kind
  • Cheerful

Needs improvement

  • Same name as my Ex

If this is your first time on this website. Read more about what we do and why we do this on our ”About” page. You can find this page in the upper menu. This review is about my first experience and might be a bit rough around the edges, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!


It was a dark and boring night. Coronavirus just struck Europe and here I was, at home. I booted up my computer and launched Discord. Not much later, *Boing* my friend Thinh pops into my Discord, I already hear the troll grin he has behind his microphone. “Dom” he says, “I’ve found this new website.”

Normally when he says something like this it’s some kind of messed up anime game (or just some weaboo stuff). But no, not today, or maybe,not exactly.

The weeaboo stuff is right I guess, when he sent the URL and I saw ”egirls” I knew it was going to be bad, but I never expected it to be something like this. He explained a new website had just launched and that we could ”rent” girls to play with us. Meanwhile the rest of the guys had gathered in my Discord and with 4 sweaty guys we were browsing the egirls website, almost like we were window shopping. I was completely uncomfortable at the thought of using this website but, I figured, let’s just try it one time? What can go wrong? I’m under lockdown anyways.

Process of ordering an e-girl

I decided to not get involved too much, but I’ll let you know what happened and how it felt. I feel I can best summarise it by providing you with the comments I heard on Discord.

  • ‘This one has a cute voice’
  • UwU can we pick this one?
  • Can we have more than one?!

It was liking having kids in the candy shop.

Remember, most of these guys are older than 18 and things had already escalated quite badly at this point. We had decided that we were going to play League of Legends and that helped us narrow ”our listing” down.

At this point it was 1 AM and we had decided we would just messaged a few ones that would play a game with us for 1$. Whoever messaged first would get the order, it might not be a surprise to you but Sophie messaged us first.

Setting up the meeting

The website provided us with an internal chat to talk with her. Here’s a small excerpt:

Chat Egirl Sowophie

That went better, smoother and actually.. Felt quite organic and normal? We transferred the 1$ and less than 5 minutes later she was sitting in our League of Legends Lobby. We sent her a link to our discord and she instantly popped in and said hi.

I was expecting cringe, discomfort and a horrible experience, so I muted my microphone. After two or three awkward greetings it normalised super quick, small talk became game talk and game talk became regular talk. Sophie was super kind, sweet and foremost honest. She mentioned she was looking to meet other people and to hang out with them. Eventually I decided to talk as well.

Playing League of Legends with an e-girl

We asked her what role she liked to play, she didn’t mind as she was just here to have fun. ”Fill” she said and she picked Garen top.

I know what you’re thinking. A girl playing top? Not playing support?!?! Don’t worry; we offered and she didn’t mind at all. And let me prove you wrong:

Garen toplane, 88 CS, Conqueror and a positive attitude!

Brief summary of the game

We of course had no clue what to expect and the atmosphere was relaxed, she played pretty well and she was very communicative during the game as well. It wouldn’t be a surprise to you that our jungler already fell in love and had issues staying away from the toplane. So she got a free babysit included.

We were mostly chatting away, talking about her life, our lives and it was like meeting a new friend, even though it felt a bit forced of course (As in the end, you’re paying for a game). Sophie didn’t complain if she died, was very proactive and had fun with us. We won the game rather quick and within 25 minutes the game had ended.

It’s all about fun

Whether you win or lose, no matter what game you play, you place your ”order” to have someone fun to hang out with. She definitely came through. If you’re constantly hanging out with a group of the same guys, it’s actually a relief to have (even a random) girl around for once.

The Ratings

Aesthetics (Appearance & Voice)

Sophie has decided (unlike many) to not use a real life picture on her Discord or profile page. Some will assume that she doesn’t have a real picture because she doesn’t look good. Among the many girls who did she was one of the few who didn’t. When you do what she does, I fully understand you’d prefer not to use a personal picture, I can imagine it could have repercussions for her real life and that privacy comes first. Therefore this ranking will be based on her voice, accent and talkativeness. In short:

  • Very talkative and friendly
  • Open & Honest
  • Easy to understand and mastery of the English language
Effort & Gameplay

It’s hard to judge someone in one game, that is, when it comes to skill. But if you’re talking about effort, mindset and attitude one game was more than enough. To be honest, we ended up playing 2 games with the whole group. Officially she was also only available until 11 PM, but we messaged her at 1 AM and she still replied and played with us. Let’s summarise her effort & gameplay as:

  • Played at the advertised ELO
  • Positive attitude towards the game
  • 88 CS at 24 min (Oof?)
  • Played together and not solo; actually played with the team

Authenticity is always a touchy and sensitive subject. I might totally hate something that you could love. Sophie has a great anime voice, if you’re into that (I don’t like it.). She has already done some minor voice acting and can do some great voices. While playing with her she sometimes changed her voice a bit. At some points she transcended to (as Thinh would say) to a level 2 waifu. She presented herself as a cute UwU anime girl, and succeeded in that.

While it is not extremely unique for egirls do this and as she did it from time to time it was still quite funny. At one point she did show her customer experience and empathy by answering a question before it was fully asked. As one of my teammates asked: “So Sophie.. Do you have a..” Sophie finished his question and instantly answered: “Do you think that if I had a boyfriend my boyfriend would let me do this?” After a brief silence we all laughed and continued on.

In short:

  • Anime / Weeaboo type voice(s), but not super unique
  • She would probably role play if you’d ask her to (Sorry, maybe we will next time)
Value for money

When we paid Sophie, she was just getting started. At the time of writing the price is set at 2$ a game. If you would put compare this against her league skill level (Bronze) then I’d say it’s mediocre at best. But honestly, we didn’t go on there to find a high elo player to carry us. So I’d like to rate the value for money based on the fun, entertainment and companionship that she provided us, I am also slightly biased as she played 2 games with us instead of 1.

  • Provided a lot of entertainment and fun
  • Very low costs compared to the returns
  • Incredible companionship and doesn’t instantly leave straight when the game’s over


I was extremely hesitant to play video games with an egirl. Yes, maybe being locked in due to COVID-19 influenced my decision. But I do not regret it, I met someone fun but did pay for it, something I would normally oppose.

So to rate Sophie. She gets a very high score on her voice, her effort & gameplay as well as her value for money. While being the anime / weeaboo type of girl is not very unique nowadays she did pretty well and made it a fun experience for everyone involved.

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