Minecraft E-girls: Who To Buy, Where To Go, What to do.

June 29, 2020

Welcome to this guide about Minecraft E-girls. In this guide I will be talking about renting Minecraft e-girls, but I’ll also be giving you some tips on what servers to play on and things that are fun to do. I’ll also recommend e-girls that I personally enjoy playing with. Minecraft is one of the best games to play as an e-girl and with an e-girl.

I hope you enjoy my guide!

Before you play, make sure that whoever you’re playing with can’t access your IP. Check out these VPNs for Minecraft

What servers to go on?

There’s an infinite number of server to go on when playing Minecraft, but which servers will get you the most out of your E-Girl experience? Let’s talk about the types of servers that you can go on and what will be most fun to do!


In this server there are 1 to 1 Minecraft replicas of famous theme parks around the world, including working rides. I know quarantine is stopping you from visiting Disneyland California, but at least you’ll easily be able to go on Minecraft, free of charge. From Space Mountain to Its a small world, it’s always a fun time marvelling and admiring at the hard work these people put in to make the map as accurate as possible to the real thing. Now why would you want to bring an E-girl with you here? With a chill atmosphere and so many rides to go on, this is the perfect server to go on if you want to reminisce about times when we could actually leave the house and have nice and heartfelt conversations with the E-girl you bought.


We all used to play Hypixel as a kid, and nowadays it’s thriving more than ever. With it being the most active server on minecraft currently, there are so many choices on what to do with your E-girl depending on what mood you are in. To name a few of the possibilities, we have bed wars. If you want a stressful, high octane fun which is almost as tilting as league and will probably make you hate whoever you are playing with, play bedwars. The true fun comes when you decide to troll your teammates instead of actually helping them out, causing you to lose your bed and be the first team out. Maybe you aren’t in the mood for something that intense, but maybe still something exciting and exhilarating.

Well, hypixel also has you covered there. Party Games is like WarioWare, but instead on minecraft. With each game lasting about 8 minutes maximum and consisting of 8 randomly selected games from many, why wouldn’t you want to play this with your Minecraft E-girls? From experience, it always ends with us messing with each other in a lighthearted and jokingly way, which is why I highly recommend it.

Finally, let’s suppose you are looking for a nice and chill experience, something which you can do together as a team game, but isn’t intense at all. Well hypixel once again has you covered. Build battle teams allows you and your E-girl to work together and put your building skills together to make a beautiful representation of the word each person voted on at the beginning of the game. It can easily help break the ice with your E-girl if you are shy and find it difficult overall to do. It allows you to easily start a conversation with what your idea to build is, and a conversation can bridge from there afterwards. You may not win the Build Buttle, but I guarantee you that you and your E-gril will have fun at the end of the game.


Think about this for a second, playing pokemon in minecraft, but without having to download pixelmon and easy to access with the press of a button. Well, that’s exactly what this server’s for! Have a nice and relaxing albeit competitive time picking pokemon starters, catching pokemon together, and challenging each other to pokemon battles. It’s also a wonderful conversation starter and great nostalgia all around, I mean who doesn’t love reminiscing about pokemon. Now, I know this doesn’t work too well with people who haven’t played pokemon beforehand, but I mean who hasn’t?


You want your E-girl to join true chaos, in the mood to be a little chaotic neutral? Why not choose MineWild, an anarchy server in the same vein as 2B2T, where anything goes, there are no rules, and anarchy rules. Of course it may not be fun to actually play, but I can 100% confirm it will be a funny time overall. Although it isn’t the nicest thing to do with your E-girl, it will provide lots of laughter, as she joins in and gets killed over and over again, completely confused on what she just joined.

Your Own Server.

By Minecraft Realms or other means, you can also invite your E-girl to your own server. In your own server there are so many options available which you would be unable to do elsewhere, be it starting in survival modes and putting your minecraft beds together( haha jk….. unless) or building pepe pixelart together in creative mode. You’ll be sure to ignite friendship and conversation with whatever you do, removing all awkwardness or friction in the air in a second. When doing this, you should always have a general idea of what you want to do, or else it may grow awkward quickly and that’s never a fun experience.

Recommended Minecraft E-Girls:

Here’s In my opinion some great recommendations on which Minecraft E-girls you should order for an overall outstanding time on epal.
I’m just saying this is my personal opinion, and since this is from my experience I can not 100% guarantee that you will feel the same way, but I hope you do have the same experience.


Minecraft E-girl Pettraner

Pettraner is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met on the site. She’s an extremely chill person and is bursting with joy and good vibes whenever I speak to her. If you want to order anyone, do yourself a favour and order her. If you want to make her extra happy, you should go with her to Minecraft Disneyland, one of the most chill places to go. Maybe you can even buy her a groot plushie there.


Minecraft E-girl Lilbittyjo


LilBittyJo is very different kind of E-girl on the website compared to most. She’s more true and real and doesn’t try to be nice to you just because you got ordered. She’ll be real for you and will tell you about how she really feels when you ask her questions, even if it may conflict with yours or hurt and or annoy you to heal. She’s OK at best when it comes to actual games, but she do be kinda funny, and is more than happy to joke with dark humour at any opportunity which is always good banter.


Minecraft E-girl Jessy :3

If you need an e-girl who will help you win whatever game you want or even need help with a server, i’d suggest jessy. Although she is a mute, she shows a lot of sass and banter through her messages with people. Not only that but she is a giant try hard in bedwars, I mean she fully sweats the game, I feel pity for anyone who tries to go against her in that game to be honest. Finally she can even help with server side issues and what not since she has a background in making and moderating servers which could be really useful if you need someone to help you with that.


Minecraft E-girl Niiyachiru

Although she may not be perfect at English, she is an absolute bundle of joy to talk to. She may not be the best at party games, or anything, but what she lacks in skill, she makes more than up for in being able to make you laugh with her unbrain actions. She’s an adorable,aggressive bean, and I can’t recommend her enough to be ordered here.


Minecraft E-girl Rylee

Rylee is a lovely person, but definitely doesn’t have everything right up there, which makes her an even more fun person. She is at a constant flux of doing and saying big brain and small brain things which is always an enjoyable thing to see. She’s also really good at sumo, like never try to play against her in any game mode which has sumo, I promise you’ll lose 100% of the time. Would recommend for any occasion except for if you are in the mood for a really chill game with her, as you’ll probably not have that with her.

Some ground rules when playing with an e-girl

There are a bunch of simple and easy rules when playing with an E-girl. First thing first, keep things PG 13, you’re paying to spend time together and play a game. Don’t turn this into something it’s not, and hence doing so will really put them off and can sometimes even ruin their day. If this does happen, they’ll probably ask you to refund their game because they don’t want to deal with you.

Furthermore don’t try and pry into personal questions about them, and then continually ask similar questions when they refuse to answer, as the person who you are playing with is also a human being. What you should always thrive to do is always have fun with them. Then overall not only have you financially supported a fellow gamer, but both of you have benefited from the experience.

Who knows, if she has enough fun with you, you may even find a cool friend to play with. Don’t message people asking for free games, as although these people are all nice and lovely, the website is a place where you buy people for games and therefore you shouldn’t expect them to play for free. Finally, don’t try and as if you can pay them in exposure, because 99.9% of the chance you probably can’t and all it ends up doing is making them be ever so slightly more annoyed and less patient with you, and don’t ask them if they have a boyfriend, even if they don’t, why should it matter to you?

Recommended Minecraft E-girl Skins:

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