Reviewing Guidelines

On this website you will find two type of reviews.

  • Author exclusive reviews
  • User generated reviews

The main difference between these two is that author exclusive reviews are done by selected and trusted authors. If you would like to become a curated author use the button to apply.

In the following paragraphs you’ll read the guidelines and the differences between author exclusive and user generated reviews. The goal of this website is to radiate positivism and to prevent witch hunting and hate at all times. If you are here to hate or bash on a specific e-girl, this is not the place.

Reviewing Guidelines

AppearanceA review of the e-girls physical appearance, as seen on her photos and videos.No points shall be given if an e-girl doesn’t use pictures of herself, unless she’s known under a specific avatar, e.g. ProjektMelody.
VoiceA review of the e-girls voice, as heard in her videos and audio clips
Aesthetic (Appearance & Voice)A review of the e-girls physical appearance, as seen on her photos and videos, and her voice, as heard in her videos and audio clips.
Even if an e-girl doesn’t show herself, always keep the following in mind: a great voice and voice acting can always make up for it.
Effort & GameplayA review of the effort the e-girl puts into their content, from rolling out of bed to Hollywood makeup studio. This also includes the effort that she puts into her gameplay. Does she try to play a game seriously, does she try to entertain people, does she even try, or does she try even too hard? 
AuthenticityA review of the verisimilitude (authenticity) the e-girl provides in their content. When consuming their content are you convinced and immersed or is a sense of fakeness overwhelming? In case of role-playing, is she doing a good job?
Depravity (???*)A review of the willingness of the e-girl to engage with economic forces, from those who sell everything including their bath water, to those who could join a convent 
PopularityA review of the fame of the e-girl, are they household names or is the only consumer of their content themselves?
Availability/PriceClosely linked to popularity, a review of the ease of access the egirl provides, from those who will interact with anyone for free to those who are inaccessible to all but Saudi oil princes. When contacting her, does she take long to reply and take you seriously?
These are some examples of reviewing criteria that may be used by the writers of the reviews.
*Depravity is a guideline that is only applicable in some cases. As this guideline is easily abused or wrongly used it is preferred to be used in specific cases only.

In most cases a curated author is recommended to select one or a few in order to review the e-girl. An exemplary reviewing model could look as follows: (Bold for main criteria, followed by several sub-criteria)


  • Character: 
  • Appearance: 
  • Voice: 


  • Communication
  • Aptitude


  • Popularity
  • Price / Value

If you find any curated authors breaking the guidelines or placing any offensive reviews. Please get in touch. We’ll do our best to resolve the situation ASAP and as well as possibleSome short text that can be expanded to show more details.

Disclaimer: does not guarantee the continued accuracy of the review after the time of posting. Circumstances may cause parts, or all, of the review to become outdated. Egirls-reviews endeavours to regularly reassess e-girls, and publish the best and most recent reviews! 🙂