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In this guide you’ll read everything you need to know about becoming an e-girl! Follow these seven steps, and you’ll be on your way to internet greatness.

What is an E-girl?

An E-girl “is an online term used to describe a young woman who uses the internet actively, usually trying to get attention on social media.” (From the page “What are e-girls?”) There are a few stereotypical types of e-girls, from gamer girls to VSCO girls, but the common similarity is that they use the internet as a place to socialize, and find entertainment.

The stereotyping of e-girls came with the rise of internet culture, like how we got the basic white girl, the cheerleader, and the like with the rise of high school culture, and the hipster girl with the rise of indie culture. But, this guide focuses on e-girls, and how to become successful in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Here is 6 Easy steps to becoming an e-girl:

Select the type of e-girl that you want to portray yourself as

If you are looking to sell your services on the internet, there’s a high chance you would be a gamer girl. The content people are looking for is usually to play games with someone, and either carry them or get carried. But, you usually will fall into one of three categories: the tryhard, the casual, or the n00b. Finding one of these categories that fit your playstyle will help with your games, and help you make bank off them. You can have a different playstyle for each game you sell, so make sure you identify each one correctly!

1) The Tryhard
This type of egirl has it all in games. From being at the highest rank to having all of the skins for every character, you are a God in your game. And, this translates over to your playstyle. You’re an extremely good player, who knows all of the ins and outs of the game you play. Whoever you’re playing with will see your skill as well. This style of play mostly attracts people who want help in a game and is looking for someone to carry or coach them.

2) The Casual
This type of e-girl plays games more for fun, then to try hard on them. You might be in a mid-level rank and have skins for your main, but when you’re playing, your focus is having a good time, not as much winning. You say Gg to your team no matter what the outcome was, and that attracts your customers more than anything. You are there to have fun, and that is what draws in your customers!

3) The n00b
You don’t really know what you’re doing. You might have just started your game, or just not be very good at that! And that’s ok! What attracts customers is a want to help teach you the game, and how you play the game!

If you don’t play video games, you can fit into a different egirl category! Maybe you can watch movies with people, or talk to them! But, you need to have yourself stand out from the rest, so make sure to show your personality!

Sign up to several platforms: Such as and FIverr.

For e-girls, there is an array of platforms you can advertise yourself on. E-Pal has its own community inside of itself, making it a prime opportunity for advertising. If you aren’t interested in something like E-pal, something like Fiverr could be better for you. The difference between E-pal and Fiverr is that E-pal is its own social media site, having more options then Fiverr does. But, Fiverr is more well known as a website, making it easier to get outside clicks. Because it’s made for e-girls, E-pal also has separate game categories. For this, you want to sign up for as many games as you can, giving yourself a wide net over what people would be interested in your services. And, make sure to advertise yourself on social media. If you have a following that already sees you as an egirl, they are more likely to order you. But, if you have a following that is mostly friends and family, it might not be profitable to advertise yourself on your personal social media. Instead, you might consider making an alternative account for epal and using it to hype yourself up.

Don’t fake it

You want to be yourself on E-pal, Fiverr, or whatever site you end up on. People can usually tell if you’re doing something unusual, and that will impact the amount of repeating customers that you have! Be the best version of you while playing on these sites, and it will help you get more reviews! It helps if you like playing the game you’re advertising, and have fun with your customers!

Start by Assessing the site

It might take you a bit before you get any unprompted orders, so you need to set up your profile to be presentable. This can be put into three areas: photos, prices, and info!

Photos: These are photos of yourself! Make sure you have good photos of yourself! Examples of this would be no sunglasses, a good shot of your face, and anything that you think amplifies your personality. Think of it as you’re setting up a dating profile, and make it so people will swipe right on you!

Prices: Make sure you base your prices on the games you’re advertising. A game that takes five minutes to play should cost less than one that takes 15 minutes. Another strategy is to offer deals on your prices like a win equals a free game or something of the like.

Info: This is anything that could help interest your customer in you. In this area, you should state your rank in the game, who you main, and anything that you think a customer would be interested in.

After that, spend some time on the site just clicking around! Get inspiration from what other epals are doing, and see if you can incorporate it into your use of the site! A good place to start is the bestseller list. These are epals who have a high rate of orders, meaning that you can easily get information and inspiration from them!

Create your own brand/following

Social Media
As soon as you start gaining traction you can use social media to communicate with your fans and get your name out there to others. Some mainstream social media that you can use for this are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When creating a social media platform, make sure you keep it separate from your personal accounts. Use the username you use on your sites, and keep your pictures different.

Content Creation
If people enjoy you and the content that you deliver, consider getting content creation going. Not only will you have great highlights to post on your Instagram, but you can also start growing your YouTube or Twitch channel as well. These will in return give you more clients and diversify your income. When doing this, you should ask anyone you are playing with for permission to stream beforehand. Some clients prefer not to be recorded, and you don’t want to risk a negative review on recording someone.

Getting Reviews
People don’t like going into stuff blindly, therefore they’ll often sort by reviews and read other experiences. If you have a lot of reviews people will be able to decide more easily whether they would like to play with you. Someone that is doubting can easily be convinced by a few positive reviews. Therefore; make sure to ask a satisfied client if they are willing to share their experience! If they didn’t or forgot? Just follow up a few days (or a week) later, most likely they just forgot or didn’t bother the first time. 

Most of all: Do something you enjoy.

Make sure you enjoy gaming before going into becoming an egirl. If you don’t enjoy it, it will be easily recognized by your customers, which will give you a negative experience, not a positive one. And, if you don’t enjoy being an egirl, don’t make yourself be one!
Enjoy face

Make sure that your smile never feels forced!

Do’s: (Tips)

  • Focus on the games and things you enjoy
    It will take a while before you have daily orders. Just keep up at it, and you’ll get there. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do, so you can create an enjoyable experience for your clients. If you do that, first time clients will keep coming back to you and leave positive reviews.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, Most of the people are really nice!
    Although most people in the community might not always seem easy to approach, even some of the most popular e-girls will gladly take some time out of their busy schedule to help you out. On the Discord many people are very helpful and gladly will give you some tips.
  • Make sure people know that you are there to get paid for playing and that your services will cost them!
    People will frequently try to get you to play with them for free, once you start doing this it will change their expectations. They will no longer be willing to pay for the experience and it can strain the relationship. Usually, it’s best to keep a relationship businesslike and to make sure that whoever hires you to play with them realizes this. A possible solution here is to offer a discount to returning customers. 

Don’t: (Pitfalls)

  • Make sure to not show any insincere affection or romantic interest.
    You will get hit on a lot if you are an egirl. It’s up to you if you return their affections but don’t fake it. This can also interfere with your business, imaging falling for one of your clients or having a return client with unrequited feelings. All these things are better to just simply avoid. Keep your relationships businesslike to prevent
  • Don’t advertise NSFW content
    You will get asked for NSFW content a lot. If you are on E-Pal, it’s against their TOS to publicly advertise that you are selling NSFW content, and if you get caught you could get suspended. This is not something that we recommend doing and is also something that can catch up to you if you do. Just simply avoid doing it.

Keeping Yourself Safe Online

The Internet can be a scary place
Things that you have heard can happen on the Internet won’t always happen, but if you get harassed, the safest option is to block. Depending on the status of the harassment, you might need to take it to the police. Therefore it is better to prevent harassment and trouble than to handle it. Below you find some small things you can do to prevent stalking and to keep everything safe!

Dealing with stalking
If someone starts to show any signs of stalking, block them, and get as many screenshots as you can. If you met them on a site like E-Pal or Fiverr, report it to the site admins, and usually, they can handle it for you. Otherwise, you should make an effort to remove as much of your info that they could access. Read more about dealing with stalking here.

Creating an online ID that is separate from your real life.
Be your complete self while doing this, but don’t share personal information. You know how your mom always said don’t talk to strangers? Make her proud and don’t share any major personal information. I find it helpful to have a list of information I am willing to give out, with slightly false information on myself, like where I live, what I do, and things like that.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be yourself. 
This is just one of the ways to prevent yourself from being doxxed. If you want to know what doxxing is and how it can affect your life, then this is a good article to start.

Make sure to stick to that list so you’re always sure that you’re consistent and comfortable in what you share.

This article was written by La Diabla. La Diablas is one of the writers for E-girl reviews and has a lot of experience as an e-girl. Read more about her below:


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