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E-girl nails are an important asset to the e-girl style. Because e-girls have a reputation of both being extremely active online or in games, and also extremely fashionable, their nails need to combine both fashion and function, to be able to be used with keyboards, controllers, and any other hobbies they have. This usually means that they have shorter nails that are highly detailed.

E-girl nails are usually in one of three styles: grunge, soft, or punk. Each type of nails represent a different style of the e-girl aesthetic: Gaming e-girls, soft girls, or the tik tok e-girls.

Black E-girl nails

Grunge nails

Grunge nails for e-girls are usually the easiest to pull off. These nails are a solid color across, and in a darker color scheme. The nails are usually on the shorter side, usually in an oval or coffin cut. A full hand of black nail polish completes the grunge gaming look, and is practical enough to be able to grind in any game there is. You don’t even have to have nail polish on for this one, just make sure your nails are clean and well cut.

Soft E-girl nails

Soft nails, in terms of order, are a bit harder to pull off, because they usually require a bit more work. These nails are usually lighter pastels, especially pink, with a pattern on it, a color change across the nails, or something that makes them stand out. A french manicure is especially popular, or having a rainbow of colors across your nails. Decals are also used frequently, putting different designs, such as stars, hearts, or gems onto your nails! The nails are frequently longer than the grunge type, but have the same cut at the end.

Pink E-girl nails

The ultimate e-girl nail style

The ultimate e-girl nail style, the punk one, is the hardest to pull off, requiring long nails, multiple coats, and a bunch of decals, gems, and add ons. The base colors are usually the same as the grunge pack, but can go into reds, greens, and punk colors like that. Then, put on the next coats, making different patterns, like fire, skeletons, plaid, and whatever else fits your fancy.  Then, stack on decals, gems, and anything else that would help with the look. Stiletto style nails are really popular as well, because they give more room to do decorations on. These nails cares more about style then function, so make sure to take good care of them!

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    Just letting you know I love your app and everything and one quick question my question is that if you were to paint nails without like the mold and everything to make your nails longer what would you do like what color would you paint it


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