E-girl Style: Our guide to Dress like an E-girl

by Dec 26, 2020E-girl Fashion

E-girl Style

E-girls and eboys developed as the lovechildren of Harajuku Goth, and alternative emos. Harajuku Goth is a subculture rooted in Japan, boasting images reminiscent of the famous Junji Ito, whose horror style is known worldwide. A lot of the style boasts pigtails, black and white colors, blood splatter, and weapons. Emo culture is also a subculture, boasting black and reds, chains, thick eyeliner, and hoodies. Lots of hoodies.

E-girls take those styles and make them new. They’re pastel, dark, fun, and clunky. They’re living in an “internet culture”, meaning a lot of the current influences are anime and gaming references.

E-girl outfit
E-girl Outfit 2

Cute E-girl outfits Ideas:

On the images in this article you see some examples of cute e-girl outfits. 

Outfit 1: Dark grey skirt with long sleeve striped top, chunky platforms, cat ear beanie.

Outfit 2: Mom jeans with chains, crop hoodie, plain black sneakers, layered necklaces.

Are you ready to integrate your life with some amazing E-girl fashion? We’ve created the ultimate guide where you can select the type of clothing that you are looking for and we will give you some tips! 

E-girl Fashion Selector

Let’s call it the E-girl fashion selector! It’s simple: You choose the E-girl Clothes you’d like to wear and we’ll tell you how to wear it in the proper fashion. Try it by selection your favored clothes below!

Let’s start with anything above the waist!

Tons of E-girl hairstyles feature bangs, and in this age we need those to not get in our eyes. Most hairclips are towards the front of our face, big and clunky. They’re 90s style and plain, because it’s the color that matters. Look for pastel pinks, purples, or alien green! Black doesn’t show up on most hair, but clips are easy to match to the rest of your outfit! Also look for Harajuku style – bloodied hair clips, or pastel weapons are an easy go-to.

Eevee Beanie

If you’re freezing out in the cold, it’s a good idea to have a hat on. Most E-girls just borrow from the oldschool emos – black beanies with cat ears. Since so much of E-girl culture is rooted “online” – in anime and gaming – any related clothing article can work here. Want to wear an Eevee beanie with little ears? Do it. Want to wear a Naruto headband beanie? You have this fashion down. 

Dark Academia glasses

Think black, big, chunky, thick frames. Plastic looks best here, as wire rims are more of a “dark academia” style.

Stripes are back! Again stolen from the emos, a striped long sleeve is key regardless of what you layer on top.

You can wear a long dress for the Harajuko aspect, or a typical anime t-shirt. Try to wear black or white

Crop hoodies with chains or straps make for an interesting layered look. Or, go for an oversized hoodie and pair it with a fitted, riveted blouse.

Try to find hoodies with bell sleeves and a painted design.

Now anything below & Accessoiries

This is where E-girls veer way off from emos and Harajuku Goths. Mom jeans are in, 80s style with lots of modern holes. Attach some chains and you’re good to go.

Most E-girls trend towards wearing skirts, to really allow them to accessorize. Plaid is an easy way to get some texture into the look without going overboard on accessories. Pleated skirts are super cute. You can wear leggings, high socks, knee socks, or any variation depending on the look you want to portray.

 Platform boots are all the rage. Definitely Harajuku Goth, they make you taller and they’re cute as hell. For my ladies out there who don’t like heels or don’t want to be taller, I suggest boots that aren’t platform but covered in accessories.

Chains! CHAINS! Silver jewelry > gold when it comes to this fashion. Hearts, lollipops, beaded jewelry, anything game-themed. A lot of the plastic jewelry is pastel as well, to match your hairclips. Earrings tend to be cuffs with chains. You can attach more chains to skirts, belts, jeans, boots, or even some hoodies.

Necklaces are often layered silver jewerly. Chains are obvious. Locks are common, or weapons. Make sure there’s a black choker in there somewhere.

Do you have better ideas?

Cool! Let us know, we love hearing ideas and receiving suggestions. We’ll gladly share it on our socials or on one of our future blogs!

Feel free to send your ideas here.


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