E-girl Blush: Some essentials tips and tricks!

by Sep 7, 2020E-girl

Here’s some examples of E-girl Blush

An important part of the E-girl makeup look is blush! This is one of the larger factors of the E-girl makeup style, since it brings color to your face after putting on foundation, concealer, and any other products you use! For more examples you can always check out our E-girl Blush Pinterest board.

Blush colors

The basic blush colors are usually any shade of a pink that corresponds with your skin tone. The darker your skin tone is, the more brown would be mixed into the pink, traditionally at least. But, the fun thing about the E-girl style is that blush is much more expressive than traditional styles. You can go with any blush color, but it’s recommended it match your makeup or clothing look! An example of this is shown here, where the artist used a green blush to match with her eye makeup!

Where to put blush

Traditionally, blush is put on the side of the cheekbone. The best way to find this area is to suck in your cheeks, and find the bony area on the side of your face. The sides of that is where you want to put the blush on, or you can follow this chart here (Or see below). If you are going for the E-girl blush + look, you will also want to put a decent amount on the tip of your nose, with the option to connect the areas. If your blush compliments your eye shadow, you also have the option of connecting it to the edges of your eyes!

Click the image to check out the pin. Copyright and trademark belongs to original poster.

Special uses with blush

The E-girl style emphasizes individuality, and blush is an easy way to show it! One idea is to use a heart blush stamp over a first layer of blush to give a peppy look, and to draw more attention to your skin!

Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush - Kaja | Sephora
These stamps look like this.

Another way is to use a red blush pen, and draw lines to make you look like a blushing anime character! You can apply the blush above the lines for a more muted look, or above for a stronger one! If you don’t have a blush stick, you can also use a thin red lipstick, and blend it in first! Star blush is also popular right now, where you put some star stickers on your face, and apply the blush over it, taking the stickers off when you are done. This leaves you with a cute star pattern on your face!

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