E-girl games: A 3 tiers of games you should play

by Jul 5, 2020Games

A brief introduction

Salutations girls and guys of the world! My name is Mistress Nyx and I am a resident “E-girl”.

This article will be about E-girl games but first let me briefly introduce myself:

I know for some of you hearing the term E-girl is very cringe worthy, but it is not something to be ashamed of or to hide. Being an E-girl is, in a way, like being a cheerleader! You bring joy to the gaming community and help others in your own unique way! Being an E-girl does not mean you must act like every other E-girl you see, it is a matter of choice and personality, the only thing that stays the same, are the games!

Being an E-girl means you are an active gamer or internet user. Though mostly, it is video games. There are many great games to play as an E-girl to maximize your online presence and to build a larger community around you. I have tried these e-girl games and will drop some advice of my own to help you out!

To make it easy for you to understand; this article has been divided up into 3 different tiers. Find them below. Also if you’re looking to become an e-girl, check this out!

Top Tier Games:

These are the games that are a must to have some sort of contact with! While you do not need to know all about them or play all of them, it is good to play at least two of these games. You do not have to be great at them either! All you need to do is stay positive and bring good e-girl vibes!

League of Legends: 

LoL as it is commonly referred to- or just League- is honestly one of the MOST important E-girl games to start playing or even start cosplaying characters of, people all over the world play League of Legends and it is one of the most popular games in the world! More people are likely to want to play with you here, request cosplays from here and connect with you via your choices! Most guys will take a preference to you playing the Support or Jungle Role, though it is common sometimes for them to push for a want of a good Mid Laner! So, get ready to play some new roles!


Overwatch is another extremely popular game for players from every corner of the world. Cosplays from this game are always a slam dunk in the e-girl book. Get ready to play A LOT of Support though. Most people are DPS mains who need their Mercy!

Rainbow Six: Siege

While not the most popular game on this list, Siege players often look for girls to play with because they are a rarity to find in the community. Siege is a hardy community of many players who- while in game show hatred toward a female player for a meme- actually will go farther out of their way to find a girl to play with than any other game (Minus Fortnite). If you like FPS games with hardcore strategy and callouts. This is a game you will want to pick up, and if you can, cosplay Operators of! (Iana, Ash, Dokkabei, and Ela are fan favorites.) Just remember that this game is not for the frail e-girl. It will be a bit tough at times, but it is worth the fun!


Honestly, I do not think you can go wrong with Minecraft, it can be so many things for gamers! Whether it is building a mansion in creative or surviving to slay the Ender Dragon, this game is top tier because everyone loves it in their own way! It is great for community building and if you manage a server for yourself, you can even start your own Minecraft following!

Animal Crossing:

Animal Crossing is already an insanely popular game, with the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 more people got into Animal Crossing than EVER before. That makes it free real estate! You do not need to play a ton of hours in this game and it really is not one that you require to play to be the best of E-girls. However, having contact with TONS of people who all want to be at your home and all want to share between each other builds a community and a following for you!

Mid-Tier E-girl Games:

These games, while less valuable to the community, still have an insane amount of want and needs, but they are all based around what type of community you want to build around. Most of these games are FPS. FPS games are mid-tier mostly because the communities in these games are like a double-edged sword. They can hurt you just for being popular with them.


Call of Duty and all its games are great, even as E-girl games. So it is honestly a bit surprising that it is not a top tier game; however, this is because while CoD and its counterparts are popular games, they are VERY hateful toward their female community members. Building yourself up in CoD is a very difficult task, mostly because people do not want to play with girls here as much as games like Rainbow Six: Siege. Having this game could be beneficial, but at the same time, it is a lesser choice to Siege.


The only advice needed for Fortnite is be a girl and do not market that you play Fortnite. You are more likely to succeed with this game by not telling people you play it, but simply playing with those brave enough to ask!


PUBG is not exactly a great game to play unless you are good, lucky, or goofy. People want to play with others who are good, or just want to be goofy and have fun! In the times that I have played PUBG with my followers, most of them did not care that I was bad, they just loved that I was lucky and tried my best and was goofy the whole ride into failure!

Apex Legends:

Apex Legends is a lot like PUBG, just with Overwatch skills. It does not matter if you are GREAT at it, just that you are decent, lucky, and fun to be around! It also pays to ask what everyone plays and make sure you let them have their mains, so try not to be a one-trick-pony! Unless you are really good at the game!


To be completely honest, I have never played Valorant, but I have been watching and learning from others what the community likes and dislikes. They dislike most things, mostly the game itself. While I would not recommend this game completely, I cannot deny that it is popular within the community and the demand of E-girls in the game is very high! So give it a shot! It’s just another game like Rainbow Six: Siege or CS:GO with Overwatch qualities!


This game, if I am completely honest, has a VERY small niche for E-girls, but those in this community that want E-girls are loyal and they stick around! You do not have to be great, but you do need to get good, and if you want to progress beyond you need to get VERY good or you will not get far.

Bottom Tier E-girl Games:

To be honest, these E-girl games are low tier because the demand of E-girls to play them is already there/not wanted. It is best to keep these as a hobby or a special niche game one would play. Kind of like a quirk to have so to have something unique to yourself. While these games do not have advice I can give to them directly, I can say that whatever YOU do on them is the best. So stick with it!

  • Black Desert Online.
  • Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Smite.
  • Borderlands 3.
  • WoW.

I wish you all the best of luck and if you have any questions or need any advice stick around! There is more to come! Stay safe out there!


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